About Us

Hi there! We’re Hope and Lindsey, and we are the two gals behind Potter x Clay. In April 2019 we bought some clay as a fun experiment to make earrings for ourselves and friends, and quickly it turned into a small business. Our goal from the beginning has been to make affordable earrings that would be the best sidekick for confident, strong, unique women. If you’re reading this, we are SO thankful you are part of our journey! 

A little about us- Hope is 23, and half of Potter x Clay. She is passionate about knowing people, going new places and trying new things. You can catch her reading a book, snuggling a baby or you might hear her cackle before you see her ;) Lindsey is the second half of Potter x Clay. She’s 21 and whipping up coffee at any moment possible. She’s passionate about Jesus, people, clothes and all things travel! If you see us out and about, chances are we just finished thrifting or are scheming for new tattoos. 

When you choose to purchase from us you’re investing in creativity and authenticity and we are so so so grateful for every little buy. We are obviously into making earrings, but we have been so stoked by the unexpected friendships Potter x Clay has given us, and we hope we can foster a community outside of internet interactions. We’re out here selling earrings and somehow trying to befriend as many of you all along the way. Thanks for being here!